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These interviews were conducted by SOUNDPRINT during the summer of 2003.

Hollis Watkins - Longtime organizer and director of Southern Echo, Hollis Watkins remembers songs of the movement.

Hollis Watkins - In the following excerpt, Watkins reflects on the historical significance of the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party.

Lawrence Guyot - MFDP member and chair, Lawrence Guyot talks about the organizing of the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC).
Sunflower Mayor Betty Fowler - Mayor Fowler talks with producer Askia Muhammad about how politics and racism have hampered economic development in the town of Sunflower. In this clip, she refers to Sunflower's participation in the Rural Empowerment Zone and Enterprise Community Program.
Fannie Lou Hamer - Hear an excerpt from the famous testimony sharecropper-turned-civil rights leader Fannie Lou Hamer delivered before the Democratic National Party's Credentials Committee days before the official 1964 Democratic National Convention.
June Johnson - Now living in DC, Mississippi native and civil rights activist June Johnson reflects on the contradictions of her home state. Mississippi has one of the highest number of black elected officials today, yet remains one of the poorest states in the nation.
Victoria Gray Adams - MFDP member Victoria Gray Adams was the first woman to run for the United States Senate from Mississippi. She contested the seat of Senator John Stennis from her campaign headquarters on Mobile Street in Hattiesburg.


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